1, 2, 3… Peekaboo!!

Families and friends,

In Peggy-Nens the P1 children hide under a green cloth and suddenly they reappear laughing a lot. The classic Peek-a-boo (cucú in spanish) it’s the funniest game we played in TET lessons.

They love when I hide under the cloth and they suddenly ask: Silvia, where are you? I take off the cloth and I say Peekaboo!, they start laughing and I really love that moment.

This is a good game to make children understand that the objects don’t disappear just because they’re not visible in that moment. This is an important stage of cognitive development which they will learn step by step.

It is also a good game to learn the names of the children in classroom since we hide and ask about them one by one. We even hide Mr. Ducky or some faces (usually Mr. Happy) and they are the ones who take off the cloth from them. Make them participate is a good way to keep their attention even if they don’t really need an incentive.

Now it’s your turn to try this game at home and see how funny it is. Check the pictures of the children, those happy faces appear after I take off the cloth from their faces.

See you soon!

Teacher Sílvia