Are you ready for a little scary post?

Hello again families!!

Are you ready for a little scary post?

BOO, Halloween is coming, haaaaaaalloweeeeeeen, the day of the death!!!!

Scary isn’t it? Well, because Halloween is almost here we are introducing some new vocabulary and learning some Halloween songs, last week was “five little pumpkins” and this week “Halloween is coming soon”. We have a lightly and flashy pumpkin which is introducing us the Halloween song of the week.

Once we finished the daily routine me and Mr. Ducky switch the lights off and all together say very loud “Halloween..the day of the death!!!” and guess what appears? A lightly and scary pumpkin!!

The most amazing thing of all this halloween stuff is that last week, as soon as I switched the light off some of them started shouting “Halloween” or “pumpkins” amazing isn’t it? They still remember it from last year!!

I am so happy and proud of them!!