Hello families and friends, another month has started, and we want to present you  new TET material.

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Hello Mummy, I love you.


Today we are going to introduce you the new characters that have visited P2. It was a special week because we have met a lot of people: Mummy, Daddy, Sister, Brother, Grandma, Grandpa and Baby.

First of all, we tried to say the name of the members of the family, learning songs and new vocabulary. We had fun playing the game of guessing a family member from them all. If you said the name quickly you could play and sing the song with him/her.

We also talked about our families and who has brothers and sisters. There are some children that have babies in their families and next year they will be in Peggy Nens too. What a surprise!

We love our family and we had demonstrated it singing that song:

Mummy, mummy, mummy. Mummy,

Hello Mummy, I love you.

Daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy,

Hello Daddy, I love you.

Sister, sister, sister, sister,

Hello Sister, I love you.

Brother, brother, brother, brother,

Hello brother, I love you.



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Fins ben aviat!!

Estimades famílies,

Us comunico que aquest divendres és el meu darrer dia, ja que com sabeu seré mare d’aquí a poc temps.

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