It’s english time!!

Hello families and friends!!!

It’s english time at Pinyes and Oliveres class, we are always eager to learn new things, english is one of them!

With Mr. Ducky our TET mascot, we get to learn all about colors, weather, feelings... Every week we also introduce a new song, this we have sung “ Five red apples” and we loved it!

We start counting the five red apples, and sometimes Mr. Ducky wants to eat our apples, he is very hungry like our hungry face.

We act out the song by blowing our apple tree and making our hands go down to the ground as each apple falls down, one by one until we have no apples hanging on the tree.
Using our TET  material is a great way to
teach songs and build a child’s memory of those rhymes.

Five red apples hanging on a tree...🌳🍎🎶


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Ombres Xineses

Hola famílies i amics!

Tornem a ser aquí els petits de l’escola, continuem treballant els sentits, aquest cop és el torn  del sentit de la vista, voleu saber com ho hem fet? Doncs continueu llegint.

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