Choo, choo!!

Choo, choo!! Let’s go for a ride!

On these lasts weeks of TET we are introducing new members of the family TET in Cirerers and Llimoners. We all know Mummy, Daddy, Sister and Brother, so now it’s time to meet Grandma and Grandpa.

To do this we do it on a funny way. There’s a TET song about a train that goes to the houses of everyone on the family. So, why don’t to do our own train? We all make a line and we hold the overall of the kid that is in front of us. We go slowly because if we go very fast we can fall!

It’s so fun for us, we love it and we all know how to do a train. We start laughing and we never get bored of doing the train. Every time that the song says one member of the family, we try to point at it and Teacher Silvia picks it from the floor.

Do you want to go for a ride with us? Let’s have fun!

Teacher Silvia