How a TET class works!

Hi everyone!

I'm Silvia, as everybody knows I'm the new TET teacher for p1 and p2. I wanted to show you how a TET class Works, so you will have a little explanation and a video.

I go into the classroom saying “Hello/Good morning” and asking the children to call Mr Ducky. They really love Mr Ducky so most of them call him saying: Mr Ducky!!!!! Where are you? Mr Ducky appears from inside the blue basket and greets everyone in the classroom. We sing the Hello song and after that we check the weather. We have all the props for the weather, but the two props that the children love the most are the umbrella and Mr Sun.

Afterwards we say the colours using the rainbow and we sing the Rainbow song. Sometimes the rainbow get messed up in P2 classroom and the children help me to complete it picking up the colours. They are experts of the colours!

For the last routine song we sing If you're happy and you know it. The children are awesome recognizing the faces and their expressions. They even match the colour of the prop with the correct name.

When we finish with the routine songs we start doing three activities for introducing 3 diferents songs. The video shows you a p2 activity with its respective song. I try to do activities with movement for p2 because I really think they don't need a whole TET session sitting down on the floor.

The last song is the Bye Bye song, they say goodbye giving a kiss or a hug to Mr Ducky. It's so sweet how they say good bye!

I’m so glad of their knowledges and how easy is to speak english with them!

Are you ready to be surprised of how your kids speak and understand English? Look at the video!