International Day of Families

Hello families and friends!

The International Day of Families is observed on May 15 every year to celebrate the importance of families around the world.

Mr Ducky wants to celebrate it too. That’s why he had introduced us TET family.

We have mummy who is kind and dear, daddy standing near, the sister, the brother and the little one baby!

First of all we say the name of the members of the family, learning new vocabulary, we also had talked about our family looking at our family photos, Pinyes and Oliveres love it.

Mr. Ducky knows that we love our family, and he has a special song to demostrate it! Let’s sing,


Mummy, mummy, mummy, mummy!

Hello mummy, I love you. Mwah!

Daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy!

Hello daddy, I love you. Mwah!

Sister, sister, sister, sister!

Hello sister, I love you. Mwah!

Brother, brother, brother, brother!

Hello brother, I love you. Mwah!