Introducing Mr. Ducky’s friends!!

Hello families,

This time I want to show you how fun we had last week with my little cherries.

We are already settled and we are starting to do the whole routine and to introduce the song of the week, last week we introduce them Mr. Ducky’s friends Paul, Peter and Mary.

They loved them!! As soon as i took Mr. Ducky’s friends out from the basket all the children wanted to cuddle them.

We used that song to practice a little bit more the colours, orange for Peter, green for Paul and red for Mary, by the end of the week they were able to call the right name when I showed these three colours from the “rainbow”.

On Wednesday some of them remember their names and started to call them and by Friday most of them were able to point the right member of Ducky’s friend when I said their names.

Here you can see some photos cuddling them it was super cool to see how fast they learn new vocabulary 🙂